The Doors- Tripped

by Sun In Aquarius

  • From the glitch-hop-wobble-squeak-squishy-soundscape master himself, Sun In Aquarius, comes a free EP of The Door's remixes featuring two tracks, Riders Of The Storm, and Birds Of Prey, and a bonus doors quasi tribute track by Realm out of Byron Bay, Mad Wandering.

    Riders opens with a soundscape driven intro that all of a sudden drops into the solid Riders Of The Storm bass riff, with glitches and squishes being thrown around in a trademark Sun In Aquarius style. Progressing into more familiar territory the key's and guitar make an entrance into an absolutely epic build up, that takes the thick bass and atmospherics to new levels.

    Birds of Prey slows things down a bit, with again a solid sub bass leading the journey into Sun In Aquarius's wet soggy room of glitches, and rip's, intertwined with alice and wonderland sample's, creating a dreamy and emotional ride.





released January 2, 2010

Jake Rose (Sun In Aquarius)



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Sun In Aquarius Byron Bay, Australia

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